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Episode 26: Angela Bassett - Hey Auntie!

This week we're discussing someone who's had a 40+ year career which includes films and tv shows such as Boyz n The Hood, Malcolm X, Waiting to Exhale, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, The Jacksons - An American Dream, ER, American Horror Story and Black Panther. She's played real-life characters such as Dr. Betty Shabazz, Katherine Jackson, Rosa Parks and most famously, Tina Turner. Obviously, we're talking about Ms. Angela Bassett. Join us as we discuss our favorite moments from her amazing career.


Christina: Welcome back to They Reminisce Over You. I’m Christina.

Miguel: And I’m Miguel. On this episode we’re going to talk about Katherine Jackson.

Christina: Katherine Jackson?

Miguel: Betty Shabazz. Tina Turner. Who else did she play? Reva Styles.

Christina: Bernadine.

Miguel: Bernadine.

Christina: Stella Payne.

Miguel: All of those.

Christina: And Voletta Wallace.

Miguel: Yes. Voletta Wallace. We’re talking about Angela Bassett. One of the greatest actresses of all time. Meryl Streep wishes that she could be Angela Bassett.

Christina: Now why did Meryl Streep had to catch that stray?

Miguel: Because she was on my mind. So she had to take it. So we’re talking about Angela Bassett on this episode. Are you ready to get into it?

Christina: I’m ready.

Miguel: All right, let’s do it. Okay. So throughout this long and illustrious career that Angela Bassett has, do you remember where you first saw her?

Christina: I’m going to say Boyz n the Hood, as Trey’s mama. Because I actually watched that, you know, around the time it actually came out. You can’t watch the movie without remembering his mom. So it’s gotta be that.

Miguel: As spicy Reva Styles. Not taking no shit from Laurence Fishburne.

Christina: Nope.

Miguel: Probably the same. Just like with other people that we’ve done episodes on, there are things that they were in that I’ve seen before, but I just didn’t remember them in it. For example, she was on A Man Called Hawk and I loved that show when I was a kid.

Christina: I have no idea what that is.

Miguel: He was a character on a show called Spenser: For Hire. He helps Spenser with his detective activities and whatnot and then he got his own spin-off show, A Man Called Hawk and apparently she was on that. But I don’t remember her on that at all. But I first remember her playing Trey’s mama and Furious’s ex in Boyz n the Hood. And that would be my first real memory of Angela Bassett.

Christina: Yeah. When I was looking at her IMDb I saw a couple things that I probably would have seen her in. She was in one episode of The Cosby Show. There was this 1990 TV show called Alien Nation that I used to love when I was kid.

Miguel: I remember that.

Christina: Did you watch that?

Miguel: I did.

Christina: Oh man, just looking at the pictures now with the bald heads. Oh it looks so bad. I don’t know how I–

Miguel: I didn’t look.

Christina: It reminds me of that SNL sketch when they had the cone heads.

Miguel: Right.

Christina: They weren’t as “cone-y” shaped, but it was bald with like, it looked like, giraffe print on it on it almost. But basically this show is about like, aliens who had come to earth and—

Miguel: Yeah I used to love this show.

Christina: Yeah. Were being discriminated against. But I used to love that show. 1990’s me. But yeah, apparently she was in one episode of that but I don’t remember.

Miguel: Of course not.

Christina: It’s funny because when we talked about doing Angela, kind of similar to BD Wong too, where it was one of those actors that we just remember but then when we looked at their IMDbs like, there’s so many things we haven’t seen them in.

Miguel: And I definitely haven’t seen half of the stuff that she’s been in.

Christina: Like, you just know her for just being around.

Miguel: Yeah, and I think with her it’s because she was in a lot of big projects. Like right out of the gate. So that’s why it seems like her career has just been around forever because she came out on fire basically. Like that run from Boyz n the Hood through like How Stella Got Her Groove Back and whatnot. She was like THE black actress in Hollywood.

Christina: Cause she did Boyz n the Hood in 1991. Then she played Betty Shabazz in Malcolm X in ’92. She played Katherine Jackson in ’92 as well. And then What’s Love Got To Do With It. Which we just rewatched today. It’s a hard watch in the sense that, you know, there was the violent scenes. Of course, as I’m sure people know, Ike and Tina did not have the best relationship.

Miguel: They did not.

Christina: So those scenes were hard to watch but overall it’s really worth watching though.

Miguel: I think so. Because she really captured Tina Turner, like down to the facial expressions and the movements and whatnot. Because Tina was in her fifties when this movie came out and I don’t know how old Angela was, but she was significantly younger. But I’ll always remember when I was a kid thinking Tina Turner dances like a really old lady. But now thinking about it, she wasn’t that old when she was dancing like an old lady. So for Angela to be probably in her twenties, twenties, or early thirties[1], doing this old lady shuffle is pretty funny.

Christina: Well I remember actually seeing a video of them on set together and Tina was teaching her how to do her famous little strut / shuffle. So she had Tina there to make sure she got it right.

Miguel: Yeah I read an interview where she said that Tina’s choreographer was trying to teach Angela the steps and she’s like, no, no, no. Let her learn it without the heels first. And then we can move on to getting the heels done.

Christina: That movie did make me rethink the lyrics to “What’s Love Got To Do With It. Cause you know, I was singing along at the end and I was like—

Miguel: You realize how bitter it is.

Christina: I’m like, love is a second hand emotion. Damn. Cause it doesn’t sound—

Miguel: Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken?

Christina: The heart can be broken. I guess, cause it starts off and she’s talking about like, the touch of your hand makes my pulse react. So it sounds like you’re like, ooh, I got this intense crush. And then she’s like, meh.

Miguel: I don’t need that shit.

Christina: What’s love got to do with it though?

Christina: I’m here for a good time. Not a long time.

Miguel: Give me what I need and get out. Just go home.

Christina: I don’t need your second hand emotions.

Miguel: Yeah. I don’t need you catching feelings and whatnot. I ain’t here for that.

Christina: I catch flights, not feelings.

Miguel: Exactly.

Christina: So yeah, I had to actually look up the lyrics again, too, just to kind of let it all sink in.

Miguel: That’s funny.

Christina: But here’s another little tangent on the topic of Tina Turner. So I was like five when “What’s Love Got To Do With It”[2] came out, the actual song. And I still remember that video to this day with her strutting down the street with them heels and her little leather skirt on.

Miguel: And her denim jacket.

Christina: And that spiky hair. So, I would have loved to see Angela recreate that video for the movie but it made more sense for them to do the live performance because then you can have the audience cheering and stuff and it’s like her big comeback, right?

Miguel: Yeah, and then of course you had to throw the real Tina in at the end.

Christina: Yes.

Miguel: Just to let you know, “I still got it. I’m still here.”

Christina: Yup. She’s still got them gams.

Miguel: Exactly.

Christina: Yeah. So I think even though I had seen her in these other movies, I think that was the movie that really left an impact on me in terms of, Angela Bassett’s talent. Because she doesn’t look like Tina Turner, but she made herself look like Tina Turner.

Miguel: Like I said, the facial expressions, the way she moved, she became Tina Turner. And I don’t know much about Betty Shabazz or Katherine Jackson. Maybe she did that with them as well. But you know, we really didn’t see them much. Tina was a much more public figure that we can look to her and say, okay, she captured it.

Christina: Well I still haven’t watched Panther where she played Dr. Betty Shabazz.

Miguel: A second time.

Christina: Oh yeah. Duh. And then she played in Malcolm X, which I had already mentioned. But we had talked about it when we did the Bokeem episode, because he’s in that movie too, about how we wanted to rewatch Panther and we still haven’t done it.

Miguel: What’s funny though is there’s a movie called Coretta and Betty or Betty and Coretta with her and Mary J Blige. She doesn’t play Betty for a third time. She plays Coretta and Mary—

Christina: ‘Cause Mary plays Betty.

Miguel: Is playing Betty.

Christina: They’re like, let’s let her switch it up.

Miguel: Yeah, let’s flip it up a little bit. You’ve done it twice already.

Christina: Well as you were saying, this was her big run because after those movies was Waiting To Exhale and How Stella Got Her Groove Back. Well, they were a couple of years in between, but during that time. But we rewatched Waiting To Exhale yesterday, day before?

Miguel: Yeah. Day before.

Christina: So this came out in 1995 and I remember loving the movie. So I know I’ve seen it a million times. But I haven’t–

Miguel: I had seen it the one time until we watched it again.

Christina: I know I’ve seen it a lot. But I know I hadn’t seen it after turning 30 sometime at least. I’m not exactly sure the last time I watched it prior to this rewatch. But rewatching it again now that I’m older is completely different than when I was younger.

Miguel: Okay.

Christina: I mean, I loved it when I was younger, but I think it just feels different now that I’m married. And like, I have friends who have kids and are also married or like, even though they’re the women in the movie are kind of in different stages of their lives, they are in their late thirties I think, it seems?

Miguel: Yeah, early to late thirties because I believe Loretta Divine was like pushing 40 and Lela Rochon’s character was like 30.

Christina: Yeah, so they were in the early to late 30s. So watching in your 20s, know, you see the themes of like love, heartbreak and friendship and stuff. But just watching it again, just being pretty much their age in the movie just felt a lot different too. So I definitely enjoyed the rewatch.

Miguel: Yeah. The one that I want to watch again is The Jacksons: An American Dream. I haven’t seen it since It first came out so it’s been what, 30 years?

Christina: It came out in 1992.

Miguel: So almost 30 years. So I really want to watch that one again.

Christina: I think I watched it but I’m not sure. It’s possible I watched it. Cause it was a TV series, right? Yeah.

Miguel: So that when I would like to watch get at some point and I’m sure I’ll get around to it.

Christina: I want to watch How Stella Got Her Groove Back again too, even though Taye Diggs’s accent is so bad. But remember, we also brought this up again in another episode about Regina King when she played her sister. So I would like to rewatch it because they think it’ll be a fun one too.

Miguel: I think so. Just to see if it held up after all this time.

Christina: Cause even just that scene with Regina when she came back from vacation. She’s like, “Hey slut![3]

Miguel: “Did I say I had good news? Oh, okay.”

Christina: It’s just, it’s so annoying that there’s so many of these older movies that aren’t available in Canada.

Miguel: Yeah.

Christina: And we have to find creative ways to stream it or maybe even break down and buy it.

Miguel: Although surprisingly, a lot of them have been on Disney+.

Christina: Disney+ which we just got.

Miguel: Which is where How Stella Got Her Groove Back is—

Christina: Oh is it?

Miguel: What’s Love Got To Do With It, Waiting To Exhale. Those were all on Disney+.

Christina: Okay. Cause I remember Waiting To Exhale was. So we can now watch How Stella Got Her Back.

Miguel: We can.

Christina: Yay!

Miguel: It’s on the list. I saw it when we were searching other stuff.

Christina: It’s funny because again, when we were talking about doing Angela Bassett and I was looking at the stuff that I watched her in, I just realized there’s this huge gap of the last time I saw her in something. So How Stella Got Her Groove Back was 1998 and then Black Panther is 2018.

Miguel: So you didn’t see any stuff in between?

Christina: There’s a bunch of stuff in between like Notorious is in there.

Miguel: We watched that.

Christina: Which we watched but we didn’t watch that when it came out. We watched that later. Didn’t we?

Miguel: Yeah.

Christina: So there’s, there is stuff in between but like, those are the two things that I remember when I look at her IMDb. So there’s this huge gap in between.

Miguel: I’m surprised you don’t remember her on ER.

Christina: I think I had stopped watching by then. Because I did not watch the full series.

Miguel: Okay. Yeah. I think it was the last season or the second to last season that she came on.

Christina: Yeah. I think I was just in the, like the first one or two seasons and I dipped out.

Miguel: Yeah. There’s some things in between—

Christina: Actually no, I forgot. There’s some things I’ve missed. I messed it up. So there was How Stella Got Her Groove Back and then American Horror Story.

Miguel: Okay.

Christina: And then Black Panther. But even then like—

Miguel: That’s still about the same amount of time.

Christina: American Horror Story, she first appeared in 2013.

Miguel: Right.

Christina: So I shaved about five years off of the original gap that I thought.

Miguel: There’s some things that I had seen her in, in between like the movie with Bernie Mac, Mr. 3000. I’ve seen some of Akilah and the Bee. Not all of it. I’ve seen Notorious. We just watched Jumping the Broom. I watched ER, so I had seen things that she had been in. Uh, what else? Olympus Has Fallen and London Has Fallen.

Christina: I haven’t watched any of that.

Miguel: So I would see her in things like that, but I really remember her from that fast start that she came out with.

Christina: Right.

Miguel: Where she was just in everything.

Christina: I’m sure in between that I was probably rewatching Waiting to Exhale and How Stella Got Her Groove Back, which is probably why it wasn’t like, oh, “Where’s she been?” You know?

Miguel: I haven’t seen her in 30 years.

Christina: So it didn’t feel like she made some kind of like, comeback like—

Miguel: Right.

Christina: Oh, “I forgot about her.” So for me, I didn’t even realize there was that much of a gap between the stuff that I watched her in until just kind of looking at her IMDb.

Miguel: So with that said what is your favorite performance of hers?

Christina: Hmmm, I would say Tina Turner in What’s Love Got To Do With It. Pretty much what I said already was how she was able to turn herself into Tina Turner is very impressive. A lot of times when people are in biopics, they do kind of look like the person already, or at least they have like hair and makeup to make themselves look like them. And even though she had the wigs and the—

Miguel: She still looked like Angela Bassett.

Christina: Yeah, she looked very much like Angela Bassett, aesthetically.

Miguel: Yeah.

Christina: The wigs and that the styling and stuff couldn’t really change that. But you could still see Tina.

Miguel: Yeah it was the mannerisms and the way she moved.

Christina: So I think that’s really impressive to like, turn yourself into someone without actually looking like them. And like I said, I can see that kind of role taking a lot out of you just because of the stuff that Tina went through. And so she played that character very well. And I feel like Tina was probably pleased with that.

Miguel: Yeah. I watched an interview[4] with her maybe a year ago or so. And they had on some super fans on the show, I for— it was Good Morning America. And someone asks if she would want to do like an updated version of What’s Love Got To Do With It, focusing on Tina’s career after that. And she’s like, no. Because she said physically, that was the hardest thing that she’s ever had to do.

Christina: Yeah.

Miguel: And she doesn’t want to go through that again. And you could see it, like you were saying, the arms and shoulders.

Christina: Yes.

Miguel: That she had. So...

Christina: She was built!

Miguel: She was. So I see why she may not want to do that. Even if it is for Tina Turner.

Christina: Actually, let me rephrase that. I would say I consider that her best performance, but I think my personal favorite performance is her in American Horror Story.

Miguel: Which one?

Christina: All of them.

Miguel: Okay.

Christina: I think I’d have to kind of review them to compare them.

Miguel: Okay.

Christina: Because I think she’s kind of in this new stage in her life where she’s like just bad bitch.

Miguel: Right.

Christina: I mean, she always was, but it’s kind of solidified now.

Miguel: Which is the first episode of A Black Lady Sketch Show was titled “Angela Bassett is the Baddest Bitch.”

Christina: “ the Baddest Bitch.” So it’s kind of like, I mean, she always was. We know she is not going anywhere. And I think, you know how I was saying in the last episode, when we talked about BD Wong, I was saying how the American Horror Story series, they have a way of making everything very aesthetically pleasing too. And I think that really, like, her being who she is and then being in these types of characters and these types of setups kind of brings that out even more.

Miguel: Right.

Christina: It’s fun to see her playing all these different characters and stuff too.

Miguel: Yeah. Which is why my favorite performance of hers, even though she’s been Academy Award nominated and she’s won Golden Globes and all this other stuff, playing like real people like Tina Turner, Betty Shabazz. My favorite is something we watched a few months ago. Gunpowder Milkshake.

Christina: Oh yeah. I forgot about that.

Miguel: Because when you talk about being a bad ass, she’s carrying people around after beating them up with a hammer, like sticking a hammer in this guy’s mouth and dragging him across the room. So if you haven’t seen Gunpowder Milkshake, it’s a popcorn movie. You’re not going to watch it for the plot, but it’s a lot of action. And she’s like the leader of this spy ring or something. And the character’s name was Anna Mae too. Which I didn’t catch until I was looking at the IMDb the other day.

Christina: Yeah.

Miguel: But she is like, we were saying, the baddest bitch. Like she takes no shit from anybody. She hates little kids, basically. And yeah, she’s shooting guns, beating people up and just kicking ass throughout the whole movie. So that’s probably my favorite performance of hers outside of A Black Lady Sketch Show and that one sketch that she’s in.

Christina: Called “Angela Bassett is the Baddest Bitch.”

Miguel: Is the baddest bitch. Where she’s basically running Fashion Nova. And doing like tests on average bitches versus bad bitches. This focus group that she’s leading[5]. So yeah, that’s going to be my favorite one.

Christina: That just made me think of, there was this glamorous life TikTok trend or something like that. Or like people were just making videos to Sheila E’s “Glamorous Life.”

Miguel: Okay.

Christina: And then she made one[6] with Sheila E.

Miguel: That’s funny.

Christina: And it was like, nobody’s going to top this. Because first of all—

Miguel: Not if you’re putting Sheila in it. Who’s gonna top that?

Christina: Yes, first of all, it’s Angela Bassett. Second of all, Sheila E., the real Sheila E. is in it with her so—

Miguel: It’s like, shut it down after that.

Christina: No one’s going to top this one.

Miguel: Not at all.

Christina: That was pretty cute. Oh just to circle back to other things that I watched her in. I saw one episode of that 9-1-1 TV series and it was wild. So she plays a police officer. And in this episode she finds out or she found out, I guess in a previous episode that her husband is gay.

Miguel: Okay.

Christina: And so they’re going through their drama. They got kids and she’s mad at him because well, now she’s like, what am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to tell the kids and stuff? So she’s got her personal drama and then somebody flushed a newborn baby down the toilet.

Miguel: I haven’t watched this show and I planned on watching it for some research purposes. And I was looking at it, it was like, you know, I can’t do this.

Christina: It’s a lot.

Miguel: There’s too much going on here.

Christina: They did get the baby out though, because they managed to figure out what pipes this baby was flushed in and cut them out and saved it. But I was like, whoa, this show is a lot.

Miguel: Yeah, everything that I was seeing, looking in the synopsis is like, okay, building explodes and cat flies onto the roof. Then a pigeon flies a plane into a building. Just all sorts of outlandish shit. It was like, you know what? I’m going to get back to this. But with that show, she is executive producer on that and the Texas spinoff, whatever It’s called 9-1-1 Texas[7], I guess.

Christina: I don’t know.

Miguel: Which makes her like the highest paid Black television actress of all time. It’s still not touching what other actresses are making on—

Christina: Because racism.

Miguel: Yes. But she’s, they don’t have an exact number, they just said north of $500,000 per episode.

Christina: Okay.

Miguel: So she’s got that going for her.

Christina: Yeah.

Miguel: She has made it to a point where now she can make significant money. So I can appreciate that. Even if the show looks silly and completely ridiculous, I’m out here for her getting her coins.

Christina: Yes. Well, with that being said, what do you consider is her under the radar performance?

Miguel: Under the radar performance. Hmmm. I couldn’t come up with anything.

Christina: Okay.

Miguel: And I’m still looking at the list right now. Because a lot of the stuff that I’ve seen isn’t under the radar.

Christina: Right.

Miguel: It’s like big things. So I’m going to say one that I just watched a couple of days ago. Maybe it was yesterday. Black Nativity.

Christina: Okay.

Miguel: It’s based off of a Langston Hughes play. And it’s a movie starring her, Forrest Whitaker, Tyrese, Luke James, Jennifer Hudson, huge ensemble cast.

Christina: Right.

Miguel: And it’s basically about Christmas. It’s a story about Christmas. What’s his name from The Chi? Jacob Latimore, when he’s like 14 years old.

Christina: With his little face.

Miguel: It gets a little woozy around the 45 minute mark for about 10 minutes.

Christina: All right.

Miguel: But if you can power through that, it ended up being a lot better than I thought it was gonna be.

Christina: Okay.

Miguel: Cause he falls asleep in church and the dream sequence is wild. So it gets a little crazy in there. But for the most part it’s a pretty entertaining movie. It’s close to Christmas time. You can go ahead and check it out. Actually, when this episode comes out, Christmas is I think the following day[8]? So whatever. It’s around Christmas when you’re going to hear this. So check out Black Nativity. It’s got all the Black people in it. Nas. Mary J. Blige. Check that out. It’s cool.

Christina: Okay. I’m choosing Boyz n the Hood because her role is small. But at the beginning, when she’s dropping Trey off at his daddy’s, she’s younger because he’s a kid.

Miguel: Right.

Christina: And you can see, she kind of looks like a young mom.

Miguel: Right.

Christina: But then when we see her later, she’s got her little corporate job it seems. Cause she’s, her hair has changed.

Miguel: She’s got a new place.

Christina: She’s got a fancy place, drinking wine on her couch. She’s got a little blazer with the shoulder pads and stuff. So you kind of see this like transformation from her being a young mom to corporate lady.

Miguel: Yeah. And trying to figure out why her teenage son don’t want to come hang out with her anymore. ‘Cause he’s a teenage boy and you’re this lady.

Christina: Yes.

Miguel: He’s trying to do things that you don’t know about.

Christina: Yep.

Miguel: And his daddy’s letting him get away with.

Christina: And the things he wants to do is right around the corner. Across the street actually.

Miguel: Yeah, across the street. So that’s why he doesn’t want to come hang out with you for the weekend.

Christina: Yeah. So even though it’s a small role, you got to see her be able to handle some transformation in the character and you just kind of remember her.

Miguel: And completely different relationship between her and Lawrence Fishburne than they had in What’s Love Got To Do With It.

Christina: Yes!

Miguel: Even though they weren’t together, they weren’t beating each other up.

Christina: They were co-parenting.

Miguel: Yeah.

Christina: Yeah. So that’s my under the radar performance. Do you have a recommendation?

Miguel: Yes, I’m going to recommend that episode of *A Black Lady Sketch Show, “*Angela Bassett is the Baddest Bitch.” Not only for that sketch, but for that entire episode, because it’s utterly ridiculous. If you haven’t watched the show, it’s great writing and it’s hilarious. So check that out.

Christina: I’m going to recommend Waiting To Exhale if you watched it when you were younger. Try watching it again now that you’re a little older and see if that kind of hits you a little different.

Miguel: See if it feels a little different or if some of these things have happened to you now.

Christina: Yeah.

Miguel: Because there was a lot of different men that were in this movie that they had to deal and contend with.

Christina: Yes.

Miguel: So I’m sure someone listening has had to deal with at least one of these type of people.

Christina: Yeah. Cause it was four women in different stages of relationship status, I guess.

Miguel: And I think like five or six different men that they had to deal with and a bunch of their issues.

Christina: And different personality types too.

Miguel: Yeah.

Christina: It’s kind of your typical formula of four friends. But it was well-rounded and it didn’t feel forced. Like you can understand why these women are friends, even though they’re kind of all in sort of different stages and stuff.

Miguel: And none of them are assholes. Like the cast of Sex and the City.

Christina: Yeeeeaah.

Miguel: You would actually like these women.

Christina: And might actually want to hang out with them.

Miguel: That’s all I’m gonna say about that though.

Christina: Yeah. Side note, side tangent. Whatever. Watching Sex and the City a little bit older is also different for me.

Miguel: Maybe we’ll do a recap after I’m done catching up.

Christina: Okay.

Miguel: Since I’ve never seen it until recently. And I’m on season three now. So we’ll get back to you guys.

Christina: It’s going to be awhile. So on that note, do you have anything else you want to say about Ms. Angela Bassett?

Miguel: I don’t. I don’t have anything that I haven’t already said other than Angela Bassett is the baddest bitch.

Christina: You know what? When we, way back when, when we talked about Regina King and I think you came to the realization that she’s your favorite actress.

Miguel: Yeah.

Christina: How would you stack her up against–cause now I’m just kind of thinking about Angela Bassett.

Miguel: See, if you had asked me this before we did the Regina King episode—

Christina: And they have so much stuff together.

Miguel: I would have said Angela Bassett because of all of the stuff early in her career. Even the under the radar stuff, quote unquote. Even though I didn’t give this one to you, Vampire in Brooklyn with Eddie Murphy. Ridiculous film but Angela Bassett’s in it.

Christina: Right.

Miguel: What else have I seen her in? Contact. Supernova. So there’s a lot of stuff that I’ve seen her in. So I would’ve said her, but the thing that separates her from Regina King for me is a lot of the stuff that Regina King is doing now.

Christina: Right. I was just about to say, I actually, this was not a good question because you can’t really compare them.

Miguel: Right.

Christina: Because Angela walked so Regina could run, maybe?

Miguel: Yeah. Because at this point of Angela’s career, she can do whatever she wants.

Christina: Right.

Miguel: Like there’s that movie with her that just came out[9] on Netflix that I meant to watch, where her and who is it? And two other random white women and their sons forget about them on Mother’s Day.

Christina: Oh yeah.

Miguel: So they decided to go to New York City and live it up.

Christina: Yeah.

Miguel: She can do those kinds of movies now and not even care. Because she’s Angela Bassett. Like she’s not worried about ratings. She’s not worried about getting paid because they going to pay her to come out of the house.

Christina: Right.

Miguel: So she can just basically do whatever she wants.

Christina: Yeah.

Miguel: Whereas right now, Regina King is just now starting to craft that part of her career.

Christina: Right.

Miguel: Where she’s probably five years from now going to be doing those types of movies where, “Eh I guess I’ll do this. I know the director. I’ll throw you a bone. I’ll let you put my name on this.” So that’s the difference for me.

Christina: Yeah, I think the only reason why it popped up is just cause I was just thinking about us going on and on about all these things that we loved her in. And then I was like, wait, who’s your favorite actress still, now?

Miguel: No.

Christina: Now that we’ve talked about this.

Miguel: It’s still Regina King.

Christina: Okay.

Miguel: Because even though Angela Bassett has done some voiceovers and some cartoons, she hasn’t done Huey and Riley.

Christina: All right.

Miguel: And that’s what is always going to be the deciding factor for me. Huey and Riley.

Christina: All right.

Miguel: “You supposed to be in charge, you supposed to be the leader. Lead us to some breakfast then nigga.” You cannot top that.

Christina: Ah, man. All right. On that note.

Miguel: On that note.

Christina: I think we have expressed our love for Angela Bassett.

Miguel: We have.

Christina: So I guess we could wrap it up here.

Miguel: Yeah, we can wrap this up. So if you hadn’t watched any Angela Bassett films recently or TV shows go out and do that. We’ve given you a blueprint to work with. So go forth and watch some Angela Bassett.

Christina: All right.

Miguel: So thank you for listening to us again. We appreciate all of the listens. Make sure to follow us on social media @troypodcast on Instagram and Twitter. You can check out our website, We have transcripts, links to things that we mentioned in the episodes. We have links to our playlist that accompany these episodes so if you want to listen to some music, you can too. It’s curated by me. Yay!

Christina: And sometimes me.

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Christina: Okay.

Miguel: And with that said, we outta here. See you in two weeks, actually we’ll see you in 2022, because this is the last episode of 2021[10].

Christina: It is.

Miguel: Our first full year of podcasting. So thank you for listening and coming back every two weeks.

Christina: Happy New Year.

Miguel: Happy New Year and all that good stuff. See you in two weeks. Bye!

Christina: Bye!