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Dec 1, 2023

Episode 62: Christmas Rappin'

Episode Summary

So, we've reached that time of year that no matter where you are, in a mall, grocery store, movie theater, watching TV and hearing a commercial, Christmas music is everywhere. So, it is officially holiday music season. So, that's what we're gonna be talking about on this episode. We're talking about Christmas songs and the ones we like, the ones we don't like, why some of us hate Christmas music, why some of us love Christmas music.


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Miguel: Let's do it.

Christina: Welcome back to They Reminisce Over You. I'm Christina.

Miguel: And I'm Miguel. So, we've reached that time of year that no matter where you are, in a mall, grocery store, movie theater, watching TV and hearing a commercial, Christmas music is everywhere.

Christina: Mariah Carey has thawed out.

Miguel: She has thawed out. We actually saw that happen in real time. We just happened to be up at 11:59 on October 31st and watched all of her social medias come to life with a video[1] she posted of her being cracked out of ice.

Christina: And thawed out.

Miguel: Yeah. So, it is officially holiday music season. So, that's what we're gonna be talking about on this episode. We're talking about Christmas songs and the ones we like, the ones we don't like, why some of us hate Christmas music, why some of us love Christmas music. So, I think we should just get right into it.

Christina: Let's do it.

Miguel: We've talked about this just randomly throughout life, in our time of knowing each other. You really don't like Christmas music that much.

Christina: I don’t. I just…

Miguel: What is it about Christmas music that you don't like?

Christina: So, two things, I think the main thing is I just didn't grow up celebrating Christmas.

Miguel: Okay, that's fair.

Christina: So, my family came to Canada when I was just a wee baby. So, I basically grew up here but you know those first few years of being an immigrant you’re kind of just figuring out the lay of the land so, like, Christmas just wasn't on the radar.

Miguel: Okay.

Christina: And as I got a little bit older I remember we tried to do the little, get the trees and stuff but it was just something that like my family just didn't really know how to do.

Miguel: There was just a disconnect.

Christina: Yeah, it was like we were just trying to like, fit in with the culture around us, so we had this little like, tree, and I remember us trying to decorate it and stuff, and it just, yeah, it's like, you know what? How about we just wait until Chinese New Year and just call it a day, right? It's different—it's way different now, because my sisters have kids, so spent more time in the Western world.

Miguel: Yeah.

Christina: So, now they totally celebrate Christmas, and it's just weird coming home to visit and seeing all the...festive stuff. So, I think partially for me, it's just, I just didn't really grow up celebrating it. So, I just, I'm like, meh. And so, like, a lot of the music and stuff, it just sounds just really corny to me.

Miguel: That makes sense. It makes sense. It doesn’t really bother me that much, because, even though we celebrated Christmas, we really didn't play, like, Christmas music as a family, if that makes sense. Like, we did the Christmas gifts and the tree and all that, but we didn't have Christmas music playing.

Christina: You weren't like roasting chestnuts.

Miguel: No, we weren't doing any of that. Like, we would get together, open our gifts in the morning, my grandmother would cook dinner, and that was pretty much it. So, there wasn't like music playing.

Christina: It’s just like another family occasion.

Miguel: Yeah. If there was music playing, it wasn't Christmas music. It would just be whatever the jam of the day was. But as far as today, it doesn't bother me because I just look at it as like background music or ambient noise or something. Because most of them are usually slow songs.

Christina: Right.

Miguel: Because you can't really turn up to Christmas music. Can’t be "Turn down for what!" on Christmas.

Christina: I think also like, a lot of Christmas music, obviously, is going to be religious.

Miguel: It is.

Christina: So, a lot of the songs is sort of like, you know, like the boring church songs.

Miguel: Yeah, but, a lot of the Christmas songs that I do like are like really R&B and what's the word? Secular. So, even though lyrically they're talking about Christmas and whatnot, they're very R&B-ish.

Christina: Right, well, we'll get into that in a bit, but I think those types of songs I never really associated with as quote unquote Christmas music. It's just like, oh, this is just R&B, rap and secular music with Christmas lyrics in it.

Miguel: Yeah, those are the ones that I'm into, so, if it was being sung by like, Bing Crosby or who else was white and singing songs. I can't even think of the guy's name, I see him in my head, but yeah, we weren't listening to that kind of stuff.

Christina: Yes. I remember back in Abbotsford too, when I was a teenager, some carolers came to my house, and I just opened the door, and they just started, "Hoooo, hooo ooo," and I'm just like, uhh, this is so uncomfortable.

Miguel: Well, I can say that we never had any carolers come to our door. At least none that I remember, so, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that it never happened.

Christina: It was very uncomfortable.

Miguel: I can imagine.

Christina: I was like, I can’t close the door. I don't know what to do with my face, and they're just "ooooooo" on my doorstep, and I don't know, trying to save my soul or something...

Miguel: I almost wish that they did come to our door when I was a kid. That really would have been fun for me. ‘Cause I probably would have gave them hell. On some Bart Simpson shit.

Christina: Yeah. So, that's my take on Christmas music.

Miguel: So, what are some Christmas songs that you actually do like? Because I know you do like a few.

Christina: Yeah, so I think—

Miguel: Because you were, you've been running around here singing “All I Want for Christmas is You" for like, three days now.

Christina: It's an ear worm because it's Mariah Carey season, so I can't stop singing it because it's just in my head. I don't mind that song, like, again, I'm not gonna just put it on like, oh, it's Christmas, let's play some Mariah! But it's cute, I like it. It's a Mariah song.

Miguel: Right.

Christina: But I think for me, the turnaround was, Boyz II Men's Christmas Interpretations, which was released in ’93, so I was high on Boyz II Men in the early '90s. So, for me, it was like another Boyz II Men album.

Miguel: Right.

Christina: And, specifically, “Let It Snow.” So that song is featuring Brian McKnight. It's literally just an R&B song that just happens to have Christmas lyrics in it.

Miguel: Yeah.

Christina: But not only is it just, it's a very early '90s R&B song, this was before Boyz II Men went too pop.

Miguel: Yeah.

Christina: So, a lot of Wanya neck waving.

Miguel: There's a lot of runs from him at the very beginning of the song.

Christina: A lot of runs. Yeah, and then like I said, Brian McKnight is also in it, so it's just a very, classic early '90s R&B song, so of course, that's like up my alley. So, I re-listened to the album today, and the other songs didn't really stand the test of time for me, but “Let It Snow” is still a good song. And it's just funny because I was like actually listening to the lyrics again and I'm like, this is kind of funny for a quote unquote Christmas album because like I said, it's a typical Boyz II Men album, so you have the "Let It Snow," which is like, you know, couples in love enjoying Christmas together, and then they have this, like, the nice guy, dirty macking song called "You're Not Alone." And it's one of those like, I wouldn't do that to you songs. It's like, “How could he leave you alone on Christmas?” And stuff like that.

Miguel: Well, we've talked about this several times about Boyz II Men. That's who they are.

Christina: Yeah, so they have that. They have this song called "Why Christmas?" Which is a song about like, why are kids suffering on Christmas? Why are there kids out there who can't have toys? And then there's this other song called "Cold December Nights," which is them pining over a breakup. “Why aren't you next to me celebrating Christmas?”

Miguel: Again, that's who they are.

Christina: So, like I said, it's just a Boyz II Men album. It just happens to have Christmas lyrics in it so…

Miguel: Yeah, they sprinkled in some tidings and good cheer.

Christina: Exactly. The only actual Christmas song on there is they did a rendition of “Silent Night.” But the rest is, it's Boyz II Men around Christmas time. But I did let "Let It Snow" play twice, so that's gotta say something.

Miguel: It does. Do you have any more that you're a fan of?

Christina: Well, the classic I didn't know was a Christmas song until like, I don't know, 10 years after the fact, which is Outkast's "Player’s Ball."

Miguel: The greatest Christmas song of all time. I will debate anybody on the fact that it's the greatest Christmas song of all time.

Christina: Well the funny thing is, now it seems so obvious. 'Cause it originally appeared on the LaFace Christmas compilation. And as far as I know, the only lyrics that was changed was instead of saying “the player's ball is happening on Christmas Day,” they changed it to “all day every day.”

Miguel: Yeah, that and there are some things that are muted out. Like, some of the lyrics that Big Boi and Dre say, they kind of mute out because it does refer exactly to Christmas. But in terms of their lyrical content, they didn't change anything.

Christina: Yeah, cause I was trying to compare the lyrics and stuff, and that was the only thing I noticed that was different. But the stuff that seems so obvious now, but at the time you're just like, I don't know, they're just saying that kind of stuff. But, you know, he's saying "hallelujah, hallelujah," and "deck the halls," and "ho, ho, ho," and all that stuff, right?

Miguel: Yeah, “I won't be hanging socks on the chimney.” They talking about having chitlins on Christmas. So, it's a Christmas song, people.

Christina: Yeah, very specifically Christmas. But yeah, just hearing it, it's like, well, when he says “ho, ho, ho,” it's just a "cute" play off of calling women hoes, right? And I use the term "cute" loosely.

Miguel: Of course.

Christina: But, yeah, like, on a second listen, you're like, no, this is totally Christmas, cause they're talking about, “You expect me to break my neck to help you deck the halls” or something like that.

Miguel: Yeah. Well, that's one of the things that's muted out in the Southernplayalistic album version.

Christina: Not anymore.

Miguel: Oh, they've added it back?

Christina: Yeah, I was just listening to, listening to it today on Tidal. Pretty sure I heard it?

Miguel: Yeah, cause when he says, “break my neck to help y'all deck,” it mutes after that.

Christina: And then it kind of like—

Miguel: “The halls” is out.

Christina: I think it's, you know what, I'm gonna put it on. Pretty sure I heard it. Just one second.

Miguel: Yeah, it should, “break my neck to help y'all deck…”

Christina: “Deck, deck,” yeah, and then they kinda, all right, hold on a second. Yeah, so, he just said “help you deck the, the,” but if you read the lyrics, ‘cause in Tidal you can look at lyrics at the same time, it says "deck the halls."

Miguel: Yeah.

Christina: But those lyrics generators or wherever they get it from isn't always the most accurate.

Miguel: It isn’t.

Christina: There are other very Christmas-y references.

Miguel: Yeah. All through the song.

Christina: It just—yeah, just gets woven into their sort of everyday life stuff, that it's easy to not really notice if you're not really paying attention. Let me see another one, “the package store was closed. Okay, my day is ruined."

Miguel: Yeah.

Christina: So, I'm guessing he was going to try to find some packaging for gifts, or is this a…?

Miguel: No, in the South, liquor stores are called package stores.

Christina: Ahhhh. Okay, uh, duh.

Miguel: So, he was going to get some drank.

Christina: Okay. Oh, "it's just another day of work to me. The spirit just ain't in me." Stuff like that. "Ain't no chimneys in the ghetto. I won't be hanging socks on no chimney."

Miguel: So yeah, it is definitely a Christmas song.

Christina: And it's on a Christmas compilation, so…

Miguel: Yeah, if that tells you anything, it's a Christmas song. Okay, do you have any other songs that you’re a fan of?

Christina: That's really it. Like, I know there's other Christmas songs, like, Run DMCs “Christmas in Hollis,” or something like that. What's it called?

Miguel: Yeah, “Christmas in Hollis.”

Christina: Yeah, so I know that there's, like, other Christmas songs that are, you know, made secular style, that I don't mind, but it's not really, like, oh, I gotta play this!

Miguel: Well, I don't have any Christmas songs that are on a I have to play type list other than OutKast. And that's for obvious reasons. But, I like Wham!’s "Last Christmas."

Christina: Yeah. “Gave you my heart…”

Miguel: I'm a fan of that. I like Nat King Cole's “The Christmas Song.” And I just found out today that the version that we know and hear all the time is the fourth recording of that song. He recorded it four times over 15 years.

Christina: Which song?

Miguel: “The Christmas Song.”

Christina: Oh. He did?

Miguel: Yeah, it was originally recorded in 1946 in the summer, and then they re-recorded it in September.

Christina: Okay.

Miguel: And then they re-recorded it again in 1953. It was the first song ever recorded on magnetic tape, so I guess that made it sound better. And then they recorded it a fourth time in 1961 making it the first Christmas song recorded in stereo. And that's the version that we hear all the time.

Christina: So, they just did the re-recordings just to make it sound better, like they didn't change the song.

Miguel: No, it's the same song. Couple of the music arrangements are slightly different, but it's basically the same song.

Christina: Okay.

Miguel: You can find it on different editions of like Nat King Cole's recordings and whatnot. But the one that we know is from the 1961 recording. Another one that I like is "Silent Night" by The Temptations. Because that is like, a 250 year old song, but they took it to church.

Christina: I…don't think I've heard it.

Miguel: Yes, you have.

Christina: I don’t remember.

Miguel: That is one of the best songs ever.

Christina: I'll have to look it up.

Miguel: I will play it for you when we're done with this, but that song is great.

Christina: Okay.

Miguel: They hit everybody in the song. Everybody gets a chance to shine. I don’t think Otis gets a chance. But—

Christina: He's still the last one laughing though.

Miguel: He's, he's still above ground, unlike the rest of them. But, yeah, the way they're harmonizing on that and yeah, they took it to church on that one.

"Christmas Rappin’" by Kurtis Blow, that's another one I like. Most people might know it as the song that, it's the song that's sampled for Next "Too Close," so you would recognize the beat from that, but "Christmas Rappin' "is another good song.

Christina: Okay.

Miguel: That's pretty much it. Those are the only ones that I will say when I hear it. I'm like, yeah, that's a jam. I like this shit.

Christina: Although, we do have a Christmas playlist.

Miguel: We do. We do have a Christmas playlist. It's called “Everybody Gettin’ Sump’n,” named after an SNL skit.[2] We posted it last year. There is one person who is actually subscribed to it, so, that playlist will be played at someone's party.

Christina: Yay!

Miguel: At least one, outside of us.

Christina: Yeah, like, if we were having a get together or a party and stuff, I would put some on.

Miguel: Yeah, I'm actually—

Christina: Just to be festive and whatnot, but I'm just not gonna, like, sit around and listen to it on my own.

Miguel: I decided today that during the week of Christmas, I'm just going to put it on and just let it run as some background ambient noise. So, we'll be listening to that.

Christina: Although, you just reminded me with the Wham! reference, I do really like that song because I think it's hilarious.

Miguel: I know.

Christina: It's just rude. “Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, the very next day you gave it away.”

Miguel: Yes. Something else I noticed about Christmas songs and Christmas music in general, is it's usually done by really good singers. Like, you have Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey and Luther Vandross, things like that. You really don't hear mediocre singers…

Christina: Maybe we just don't hear the mediocre singers.

Miguel: Doing Christmas music, which made me think—

Christina: Somebody’s…

Miguel: You know what? Nobody really wants to hear a Jhene Aiko Christmas song. So…

Christina: Somebody wants to.

Miguel: For shits and giggles, I looked it up. Jhene Aiko has a Christmas song that came out last year called “Wrap Me Up,” or “Wrap It Up.” Either or, but she has a Christmas song out. Def Jam put out an album last year called Def The Halls, and it's on there.

Christina: Okay.

Miguel: So, it's a Christmas compilation with her, Coco Jones, couple other people. Remember last week when we were in the store and we heard a really weird version of "Last Christmas?”

Christina: Yes.

Miguel: It's on that album.

Christina: Oh, yeah, I did not like that at all.

Miguel: Yeah, I didn't like it either, but it makes sense, because these young thundercats need some Christmas music to listen to as well, and they probably don't want to hear it from—

Christina: They don't want to hear "sangers," I guess.

Miguel: Yeah. This is, this is what they listen to.

Christina: Growling and harmonizing and shit.

Miguel: So, what's her name? DaniLeigh has a Christmas song on the album.

Christina: Okay, so a lot of whispery, whispering stuff?

Miguel: Yeah, so, it makes sense that they would have something for them as well. So, I'm going to add some of that to the playlist too. So people can rock it for grandmas down to toddlers. There's going to be something for everybody on “Everybody Gettin’ Sump’n!”

Christina: “Everybody Gettin’ Sump’n!”

Miguel: “Everybody Gettin’ Sump’n!” So, yeah, I thought that was funny. Usher's on it.

Christina: Well, you know I’ll be singing that song, the “Everybody Gettin’ Sump’n” song, just because it's silly.

Miguel: That's the only one that's not on the playlist.

Christina: I know, because we can't, it's just, it's not a real song.

Miguel: Yeah, it's not on Spotify, but it's on the YouTube version. I made a YouTube playlist as well.

Christina: All right.

Miguel: Yeah, I thought that was funny. Like, it's usually just “singers” who are doing these Christmas songs and lo and behold, Jhene Aiko has a Christmas song.

Christina: Hey, you wanna hear Christmas songs coming from the diaphragm and the back of the throat, I guess?

Miguel: Yes, it's, it's what the kids are into, so, they gotta have their versions as well. All of our generations has a style.

Christina: I actually just watched a performance from Mariah at the Billboard Awards, which was yesterday, I think?

Miguel: Some time this week.

Christina: And her kids were on the stage, well the stage was set up to be like a skating rink, an outdoor skating rink.

Miguel: Okay.

Christina: And then her kids were just off to the side, sitting on some, I don't know, like, fake outdoor stuff. Just dancing. I was like, oh wait, those are her kids. That's cute. She's still hitting them high notes.

Miguel: Of course.

Christina: So, I enjoyed the performance. But again, because I'm not really a festive person the way Mariah is, I'm actually skipping her concert. She'll be here next week, but I would like to see Mariah, but I don't want to see a Christmas special. Hopefully I'll get to see her at some point.

Miguel: Right.

Christina: But I'm gonna have to pass on the Christmas concert.

Miguel: Yeah, I don't want to see Mariah performing Christmas songs. I don't want to see Mariah performing live, not because I don't like her voice. But, what's she gonna do, just stand there and flutter her fingers at me?

Christina: Hey…

Miguel: I need to see a show.

Christina: She's got dancers.

Miguel: I don't want to see dancers, I want to see the performer that I'm paying to see do stuff.

Christina: You can listen to her sing live.

Miguel: I can do that here. I don't need to pay hundreds of dollars for that.

Christina: Ugh. I guess. I said ugh because I was thinking of something else, which I do not want to bring up, so forget it.

Miguel: But I'll go with you if you want to go.

Christina: Well, I mean, this is hypothetical anyways, who knows when she'll be in town not doing Christmas stuff.

Miguel: Exactly.

Christina: ‘Cause, does she even do not Christmas stuff anymore?

Miguel: Very rarely.

Christina: Yeah, so, yeah, I love me some Mariah but I'm gonna have to pass on that. Yeah, my friend texted me looking for someone to go with, and I'm like, mmm, sorry girl, not me. I ain't the one.

Miguel: We're not going to be here anyway, so.

Christina: We’re not—oh! No, yeah, it's Monday, we will be here.

Miguel: Oh, okay, I thought it was while we were gone.

Christina: Nope. In case y'all are wondering, we're gonna go see Usher in Las Vegas.

Miguel: We are catching his last shows.

Christina: By the time this episode comes out, we would have already gone, but y'all get the gist.

Miguel: Exactly. Actually it comes out the day that we're seeing him.

Christina: Yes, yes, yes. So just know when you're listening to this...

Miguel: We'll be listening to "You Make Me Wanna."

Christina: Yeah, I'm gonna be plotting…well, we're not in the right seats for me to get serenaded by Usher.

Miguel: Nope.

Christina: But I already told Miguel if he comes over, I'm not ignoring him.

Miguel: Of course not, I wouldn't expect you to. At all.

Christina: I'll take a side hug from Usher.

Miguel: You can throw your arms around him, it's cool.

Christina: Like that lady in the video just "aaaaaahhhh!!!"

Miguel: Yeah, that's all right. All right, so, I am gonna run down my top 5 Christmas songs. I'm not saying these are the best Christmas songs ever, but these are my top five Christmas songs.

Christina: Alrighty.

Miguel: Number five, "Feliz Navidad" by Jose Feliciano. You gotta listen to that one at Christmas time. "Give Love on Christmas Day" by New Edition. So, that's another one of my favorites.

Christina: I don't know if I know that.

Miguel: Maybe not. It's like, young New Edition, pre-Heartbreak, so, I don't know if you know that.

Christina: Ah yes, that's very young New Edition.

Miguel: Yeah. “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas,” but the Luther Vandross version, because that song's been done by a whole lot of people, but like I said—

Christina: Luther is Luther.

Miguel: Yeah, when you got people who can “sang,” it takes it to another level.

Christina: Yes, "sang" with an "a."

Miguel: Yes, "sang." “This Christmas” by Donny Hathaway. That's another one that I like. And we already said “Player’s Ball” by OutKast. That's the greatest Christmas song of all time, as I said earlier.

Christina: So, Mariah's not even in your top five?

Miguel: No, no, those are my top five. I do have a couple honorable mentions, ‘cause I'm cheating.

Christina: Okay.

Miguel: “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” by DMX.

Christina: Ah, yes. But I mean, that's not an actual recorded—oh wait, didn’t he end up recording it?

Miguel: No, they, they, they released one.

Christina: Ah, so he was on like, Hot 97[3] or something and they just had him just sing it in the studio.

Miguel: Yeah, thinking they were going to have to give him cue cards, and he's like, no, I know this song.

Christina: He’s like, I like know all the words.

Miguel: All of them. He did not flub.

Christina: Did not. He did add his own take of course.

Miguel: He did. He did with some "what?"

Christina: Yep. I think there had to be some barking.

Miguel: There was. Yeah.

Christina: I mean, it's DMX.

Miguel: Exactly. And another one I have is a James Brown remake by Snoop Dogg, Bad Azz, Nate Dogg and Daz Dillinger called “Santa Claus is Coming Straight to the Ghetto.” That's another one that I like.

Christina: Okay.

Miguel: From the Death Row Christmas album.

Christina: All right.

Miguel: Those are my top five plus two.

Christina: Yeah, I mean, I don't hate Christmas music. Ehh, it depends. I just don't like the corny ones.

Miguel: Yeah, that makes sense.

Christina: You know what I’m saying.

Miguel: Yeah, it has to have some color to it.

Christina: Yes.

Miguel: In tone, and people.

Christina: Well, not necessarily people, because that Wham! one is a jam.

Miguel: That's true. You are correct.

Christina: So, just in style at least. Style, feeling, well we can still say tone, just take it how you want to take it.

Miguel: All of that. Alright. Uh, this has been a quick episode. Is there anything else you want to say before we wrap this all up?

Christina: Uh, not really, just Happy Holidays to everybody, whatever you celebrate, and if you don't celebrate anything, then Happy Statutory Day.

Miguel: Right, happy time off.

Christina: Or, Statutory Holiday Day.

Miguel: Yeah we talked a lot about Christmas songs, but admittedly I only know one Hanukkah song and that's by Adam Sandler, so we can't take, can’t—

Christina: Of course, “Happy Hanukkah.”

Miguel: Take that one seriously. I don't know if there's any Kwanzaa songs or anything else, so, that's why we only talked about Christmas songs, but like Christina said, whenever you celebrate, enjoy your holidays and that's it, yeah. Make sure to listen to the “Everybody Gettin’ Sump’n”playlist. It's updated now with more songs. So, if you didn't save it last year, save it this year and let your holiday party be the shit.

Christina: Let’s see if we can get two saves this year.

Miguel: Yeah.

Christina: Woohoo!

Miguel: Let’s double the number. Let’s get two. All right, thank you for listening to the final episode of 2023. Make sure to follow us on all social media platforms, X/Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Threads, everything @troypodcast is our handle.

Christina: Handle sounds so, like, old.

Miguel: It is.

Christina: Do the young people say handle or is it just us…olds?

Miguel: I don't know. I have no idea and I don't care.

Christina: a/s/l?

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Christina: Stuff.

Miguel: All sorts of stuff. So, Christmas is coming up. Buy your mama something, buy her something nice.

Christina: Just your mama? Buy stuff for everybody.

Miguel: Buy your daddy something, buy your neighbor something, buy… “Everybody Gettin’ Sump’n!”

Christina: “Everybody Gettin’ Sump’n!”

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Christina: Byeeee.

Miguel: Byeeee.