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A podcast that celebrates and honors the best in music, movies, and TV from the past. Hosted by knowledgeable and passionate fans of the genres, Christina and Miguel delve into the careers and legacies of some of the biggest names in hip hop, R&B, and pop culture. From discussing the groundbreaking music of Missy Elliott and Mary J. Blige, to exploring the iconic moments in TV and film, like the chaos at the '95 Source Awards, T.R.O.Y. has something for everyone. So join us as we reminisce over the artists, movies, and TV shows that have shaped our lives and continue to influence popular culture today. Don’t forget to rate and follow T.R.O.Y. on your favorite podcast service.

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New Hip Hop cover art for episode 49 of the They Reminisce Over You Podcast

Episode 49

New Hip Hop For Old Heads

This week, we're revisiting a theme we explored in ep 43, "New R&B For Old Heads," but this time, we're shifting our focus to hip hop. For almost two decades, people have been claiming that hip hop is dead, but we don't agree. In this episode, we're going to introduce you to some of our favorite current hip hop artists and we'll also discuss how some of the current styles in hip hop can be traced back to a single rapper. Join us as we explore the vibrant and ever-evolving world of hip hop, and discover some new music along the way.

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TLC cover art for episode 48 of the They Reminisce Over You Podcast

Episode 48

TLC - What About Your Friends?

We take a trip down memory lane and revisit one of the most iconic girl groups of all time. We'll explore their journey to fame, from their debut album "Ooooooohhh... On the TLC Tip" to their second and third albums, "CrazySexyCool" and "FanMail." We'll also delve into some of their trials and tribulations, including Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes' legal troubles and issues with their management team and LaFace Records. Despite the hardships, TLC left a mark on the music industry and pop culture. Join us as we celebrate the music, fashion, and legacy of TLC.

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Naughty By Nature cover art for episode 47 of the They Reminisce Over You Podcast

Episode 47

Naughty By Nature - Hip Hop Hooray

On this episode, we're diving into the world of Naughty By Nature. Formed in New Jersey, the trio of Treach, Vin Rock, and DJ Kay Gee came onto the scene as The New Style with their debut album, "Independent Leaders," in 1989. With their high-energy performances and infectious production,they quickly became one of the most popular acts not only in hip hop, but pop music as well. Hit singles like "O.P.P.," "Uptown Anthem," and "Hip Hop Hooray" were instant classics and helped to solidify their place as hip-hop legends.

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Queue Points Podcast cover art for episode 46 of the They Reminisce Over You Podcast

Episode 46

A HipHop50 Conversation With Queue Points Podcast

2023 marks the 50 year anniversary of the birth of hip hop. We're celebrating HipHop50 with a series of conversations with some our favorite podcasters. We will be joined by guests who will share their earliest hip hop memories to their thoughts on the current state of affairs. This series will take a fun look at hip hop and its impact on society and culture. In this episode, we are joined by Jay Ray and DJ Sir Daniel from the Queue Points Podcast.

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