They Reminisce Over You

A podcast covering music, movies and television. Taking the time to give flowers to some of our faves while they’re still here to smell them.

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Recent Episodes

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Sir Mix-A-Lot cover art for episode 22 of the They Reminisce Over You Podcast

Episode 22

Sir Mix-A-Lot - One Hit Wonder?

On this episode, we're taking a look at the career of Sir Mix-A-Lot, and discuss whether or not he has been unfairly stamped as a one hit wonder, due to the massive popularity of "Baby Got Back". Is it justified, or does his other contributions to hip-hop and pop culture take him out of this category?

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Michael K. Williams cover art for episode 21 of the They Reminisce Over You Podcast

Episode 21

Michael K. Williams - Oh, Indeed

On this episode we're discussing the late Michael Kenneth Williams. We had planned to do an episode on him in 2022, but unfortunately he passed away before we could record it. Our mission is to give flowers while people are here to smell them, but we felt that we needed to take the time to discuss our favorite moments from his career, so those who may not be as familiar with him can check out the amazing body of work that he left behind.

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Bokeem Woodbine cover art for episode 20 of the They Reminisce Over You Podcast

Episode 20

Bokeem Woodbine - I Ain't Goin' Out Like No Punk!

This week we're talking about one of our favorite actors, Bokeem Woodbine. We spoke on him briefly in episode 8, "What You Say About My Mama?" We're back to give him the flowers that he deserves.

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Lil' Kim & Foxy Brown cover art for episode 19 of the They Reminisce Over You Podcast

Episode 19

Lil' Kim & Foxy Brown - aka Thelma & Louise

Continuing our series on beefs in hip hop, this week we'll be getting into Lil Kim & Foxy Brown. We don't know the REAL reason for the beef, we just know that it's been going on for YEARS, and is showing no signs of ending anytime soon.

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